Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Assignment that I am the most proud of

The assignment I am most proud of is my levitation photographs, specifically, the one of Connor. I think this came out so well that it was head and shoulders above some of my other work based on how well it was executed. The picture along with the shadow were executed to perfection from my perspective and I received a nice compliment from one of the Ning children which was basically the icing on the cake for me in this selection. This had a deep affect on my learning as I was able to learn details on how to use and maneuver Photoshop like i've always wanted. With this skill, I've been able to do more work with it outside of school which has been beneficial is many other ways in my creative stylings. This was also a lot of fun for me and really brightened my mood toward how my work was coming out.

Most Memorable Experiences

The two most memorable experiences for me this semester were the creation of our Who Am I videos and the simplicity photographs, respectively. First, the Who Am I video sticks in my memory and perhaps will for a while because it was really an awesome project that allows me to look at myself and say, "who am I, really?" I also got to go through the old videos and photos of myself playing basketball and really reminisce on the good ol' days. On the other end, the simplicity photos perhaps were the most beneficial to my photography skills are they were taken when we were first doing to learn about settings on DSLR's and how to use them. When I tried the setting on my own for the project it stuck in my mind more than any other projects had.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Photos With Quotes

I think that what I learned from this project was how to use photoshop to not only make an interesting image with text, but to make it appealing to the viewer. I learned that bright colors are not always good with calm images and vice versa. I learned that bending text to fit the objects in the image makes it more appealing. All these helped me because using these techniques I was able to create good quotes that either slid along the mountains or sat on the tree branches. This project helped me with visualizing how someone might perceive an image. This really helped me work with photoshop to alter the text.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pinhole Camera

  1. Pinhole Camera: a camera with a pinhole aperture without a lens.
    I learned how to do the process of creating pinhole images. Specifically the technique in taking the photos, putting them in the chemicals, waiting, switching them, and taking them out to look at them.  I learned specifically about exposure time, how the longer the exposure, the darker the photo. I also learned about ghosting.  Ghosting is the process of moving halfway through the exposure time to see both people and make it seem like a ghost.  I lastly learned about negative and positive images. This came up when we had to take the photos from picture form to positive in Adobe® Photoshop C6. I personally enjoyed this project and believe that people should keep doing this because it is an interesting way to learn about older styles of photography.  I was excited to see if my photos came out correctly and the anticipation of moving the photos from chemical to chemical was exhilarating. It was also fun to work with my classmates to get cool photos. The ghosting effect made my jaw drop with disbelief and I was glad we did this. :)

Portraits/Self Portriats

Altering perspective

I used the altering perspective along with a cool background. I chose a far away perspective of me and my friend and it came out really well. This is technically a self portrait. This depicts a story of just craziness among friends.

Experiment with Lighting
I really like this photo because he looks very bright and almost glowing. I think this came out very well. It captures the story of a happy child playing basketball. A very bright and happy individual which is also symbolized by the light on him.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Who Am I?

I am a basketball player. That's a lot of what people know about me. I know just about every NBA player/stat/fact you could want to know. I gained this interest from watching games with my brother when I was little and playing games like NBA 2k7 on the playstation. I've always been attentive to the NBA and it intrigues me to learn everything I can about the league and the sport. I enjoy breaking down film and watching how different players play. I also love being outdoors and exploring. I've always enjoyed the idea of seeing things i've never seen before. Mountaintops, oceans, forests, anything that I haven't seen yet is a goal for me to see. Down the line I hope to do whatever makes me happy. If that's something with basketball or the outdoors then so be it. That's fine with me.